The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 4, 2020, Primary Election

The Stranger’s Endorsements for the August 4, 2020, Primary Election

Washington state renters have few allies like two-term incumbent Rep. Nicole Macri, who has repeatedly introduced bills to repeal our statewide ban on rent control. Those bills haven’t passed because “several” of Macri’s colleagues—“mostly Republicans but also Democrats”—are grimy ass landlords.

Despite these landholding numbnuts, Macri frequently corrals Dems into supporting her agenda. Perhaps Macri’s ability to unify electeds is what’s stopping significant challengers from entering this race. She’s facing off against a rando Republican who says he’s running to give Republicans “someone to vote for besides Donald Duck or Minnie Mouse,” and an independent who wants all issues in the House to be decided by a public vote from every single Washingtonian. Who has the time?

The only problem we currently have with Macri is that there’s only one of her. Washington needs a statehouse full of Macris, but until we can get some undertaxed tech giant to make us a cloning machine, we suggest you reelect the one Macri we have. Vote Macri.

By Stranger Election Control Board, July 17, 2020

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